Flex Clean Systems can offer following services in the field of Air Pollution Control :

  • Site Study to understand the problem
  • Analysis
  • Improvement modalities
  • Bag Filter maintenance related services
  • Bag Filter and accessories installation support
  • Commissioning Supervision support
  • Conducting Training Program for Air Pollution control related areas
  • Upgrade/Rebuild Products & Services
  • Electro Static Precipitators (ESP) efficiency improvement, Flow Dynamics modeling, Controllers efficiency improvement.
  • Supply and Installation Services of Emitting and Collector Electrodes for ESP.

If your existing air pollution control system needs to meet changing emissions standards, or if it has been in operation for some time, Flex Clean can bring your system in line with the latest technology.

Replacement Parts :
We offer replacement parts for most global OEM Designer's equipment in a shortest possible time.

Inspection & Quality Assurance:
Our trained specialists inspect and evaluate your system to determine its present condition and, if necessary, make recommendation for improving its performance.

Maintenance :

Whether your dust collector needs routine or preventive maintenance services, Flex Clean has required expertise to service your needs.

Value Added Support :

Flex Clean believes in and executes “value added” support with the customers. The support is not only limited to supply of equipments & services but also provide turnkey solutions.

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